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Time Turner is a tool for scientists to easily exhibit how their projects develop through time, in a more visual and minimalist platform for the general public. This platform is mainly focused on representing the project's main milestones along a chronological path that allows the user to manipulate time to see the project's evolution and expected future achievements.

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particle silo

Well-made science communication content are scattered through the web. If one wants to prepare for a presentation, either for outreach and even for writing a scientific article for whatever level, it takes time to go through the internet to look for the best sources for us to find "the right words", "the right images" or the right video to explain a concept with a sense of satisfaction and clarity in the end. The "Particle Silo" project aims to facilitate this process by providing an agile, personalizable, and shareable content aggregator that is intuitive to use for science communicators and learners across different levels.

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Mar 5
Coaching 1: Value Proposition Canvas and Minimum Viable Product by Ashvin Ravikumar (CERN KT)
Mar 8-12
Deliverable 1: Lean Canvas
Mar 19
Coaching 2: The Art of Pitching by Ashvin Ravikumar (CERN KT)
Mar 22-26
Deliverable 2: Back to the Pitching Table!
Apr 2
No meeting on Friday (Easter Break)
Apr 5 - 9
Pitch 1: 3-min pitch to potential customer
Apr 16
Coaching 3: Customer Discovery and Market Validation by Lars Erik Andreassen
Apr 19 - 23
Deliverable 3: Market Analysis
Apr 30
Coaching 4: Applying for Funding by Julia Bory (VentureLab)
May 3 - 7
Deliverable 4: 1-min video pitch for funding applications
May 14
No meeting Friday
May 21
Project Update + Video Feedback + Networking
May 28
Coaching 5: How to Build a Successful Team
May 31 - Jun 4
Pitch 3
Jun 4
Demo Day
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